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love, hate, give, take… powerful four letter words
November 16, 2008, 11:14 pm
Filed under: Tween Fiction

love-and-other-4-letter-words1Oh so many four letter words with such impact. I LOVE YOU. I HATE YOU. I WILL GIVE  you everything. I WILL TAKE everything FROM YOU.

“Love and other four letter words” was a one day read for me. In other words, I couldn’t put it down. I picked it up in a thrift shop somewhere a few years back.

It’s everything any teen can relate to, loving the family and friends around you no matter what they’re like. And appreciating their difference and that which makes them unique.

Despite a divorce between her parents, new friends, and a new living environment(our protagonist moved from a comfortable home in the suburbs to sleeping on a couch in a one bedroom apartment in New York City) Sammie manages to rise above adversity and find love in the most unlikely(and cliché) place.

I totally fell in love with Sammie’s friendship with Phoebe as it was not unlike quite a few of my friendships with my friends. Making up stories about people and giggling over their resemblances to objects or other creatures.

This book quenched my thirst for fun literature, and was a refreshing glass of glacier spring water in the sea of dud teen lit. out there. Though I can hardly say that about the other books Carolyn Mackler put out. Sammie was a vegetarian hippie kind of girl which was fun to read about.(since I’m neither, though I dabbled in both in my teen years) However; after I read “Love…” I craved MORE quirky characters and fun people, so I promptly went out and purchased “Vegan, Virgin, Valentine” and “Guyaholic”. Bad move. “V,V,V” was a let down and I made it most of the way through before putting up on my bookshelf indefinitely(I think I”ve since passed them off onto a friend). And due to the fact that “Guyaholic” is the continuation of a character from “V,V,V” and I didn’t particularly care for the storyline or characters of “V,V,V” … well I guess that pretty much goes without saying that I didn’t even crack the spine on the $15 dollar book I’d bought. Sad but true.

I hate to find awesome authors who turn out to be one-hit wonders. Especially since “Love…” was a fun read and I’ve since read it multiple times, not to mention I loan it out to my friends whenever I can. I definitely recommend “Love, and Other Four Letter Words” however maybe borrow the other books by this other, from the library.


Sinfully good…
November 16, 2008, 7:42 am
Filed under: ADULT-Mystery/Crime

night-sins-cover3“Night Sins” was one of the first mystery/romance novels my mom passed on to me. Tami Hoag takes a hard headed, cop character Megan O’Malley and puts her smack dab in the middle of a kidnapping case, smack dab in the middle of the small town winter festival.

Needless to say, this was possibly the book that got the reluctant reader in me ravenously reading english books when I should’ve been reading and studying my french… considering at the time I was in french immersion.

 Essentially Megan O’Malley and Mitch Holt are hunting down a kidnapper in the dead of winter. They themselves are being terrorized by the kidnapper, taunted really. The kidnapper is arrogant and knows he/she is superior in intellect than them.  If you’re looking for a fast paced, thriller of a crime novel this is the one. There’re elements of CSI and Bones and whatever else type of cop show you can think of in it. So if you’re a fan of those shows, you may enjoy this book.

Did I mention that I’ve pretty much read everything by Tami Hoag since this book. I highly reccommend; Dark Paradise and Lucky’s Lady. Predominently romantic, but no complaints here, everyone deserves a little romance once in a while. The books are entertaining none the less.

For the kids…
October 28, 2008, 4:19 am
Filed under: Children's Picture Books

“Love Is a Handful Of Honey” I fell in love with this poem/picture book when I was in Ireland in 2002 at a Girl Guide camp. The leaders had a few of us read out this passage to a crowd of hundreds. Well needless to say it had me feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Though the artwork kind of reminds me of the Charmin toilet paper bear family. It is none the less beautiful.

The writing itself is a simple and deep message, love is everything you want it to be in everyday life. No matter how small or insignificant a particular activity or feeling, it is love. And as The Beatles sang, “All you need is love”.

What would you do for V-juice?
October 16, 2008, 4:16 am
Filed under: ADULT - Horror/Sci-Fi/Fantasy

   Okay so upon hearing about the HBO TV show “True Blood” I decided it was a must to see. And now I”m addicted. Like those poor fools addicted to “v-juice” I am addicted to the spunky and bubbly Sookie Stackhouse, and the rakish Bill Compton. They’re a more adult version of Bella and Edward[those of your who DON’T know by now who THEY are should be ashamed of yourselves]. Bella=Sookie, Edward=Bill and Jacob=Sam.

   “True Blood” has turned out to be really fun and it even got me going out to the bookstore to pick up a copy of Charlaine Harris’ book “Dead Until Dark” [the first in the series]. My only quam with the SHOW is that the character of Bill changes slightly from the first episode to the rest. It’s ever so slight but it’s there and I’m not a fan of that. He needs a reason to change his mannerisms, not just because suddenly the pilot was a success and now they need to scramble to write new material. You can’t just change someone for the sake of changing someone.

   In the case of the book Bill stays consistent from beginning to end, I normally notice from one book to another any changes to characters, let’s hope this doesn’t happen in book #2.

   Sookie easily wins every person over as the heroine of the story with her sweet natured innocence and strong female character. Sam the poor fluff who’s in love with her… well you can’t help but feel sorry for him[as any girl does for Jacob too]. Sookie’s got herself a vamp and I don’t think she intends on giving that one up for ANYONE. Not even a truly dedicated and wholesome creature such as Sam Merlotte.

In all I’d like to rate the book 4 out of 5 for entertainment. It has all the elements I love; romance, murders, mystery and supernatural.